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Royal Navy Ties

Royal Navy Ties – Which Do You Want

Royal Navy Ties We Have The Colour And The Service

I need a royal navy tie? It sounds like a pretty simple request or online search. But this search term typifies the complexity of search and some of the pitfalls and wrong turns that you can take.
So when I asked for a Royal Navy Tie perhaps I wanted a tie that had a specific Royal Navy affiliation

  • Royal Navy Stripe Tie
  • Royal Navy Cap Badge Motif Tie
  • Royal Navy Gold Crown Tie
  • Royal Navy Stripe & Anchor Tie
  • Royal Naval Air Service Tie
  • Fleet Air Arm (zig zag ) tie
  • Fleet Air Arm (crest)
  • Royal Naval Reserve Tie
  • Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Tie
  • Merchant Navy Tie
  • Merchant Navy / Crown Tie
  • Etc

In which case the initial search of

  • Royal Navy Ties leads me to identify
    • Royal Navy Stripe & Anchor Tie
      • Which then allows me to identify if I want a silk or polyester version
        • At that point I can identify if I like the price and if I want to order

What if I wanted a tie that was the colour royal navy blue. If only, ties with a nautical heritage are shown  I would be wondering why ties in the colour that I require aren’t being shown and might well be tempted to try a completely different search term.

 Royal Navy Ties Think About The Search Term

Depending on the sector in which you operate and the terminology used within the product / service search it could be that obvious search terms to use are actually driving incorrect traffic to your website. Analysis of which of the terms lead to a click and how the person then journeys through the website based on that search term is crucial. For this reason being found for a long tail word ie. if I type in Royal Navy Stripe & Anchor Tie then guess what that is exactly what I am searching for.
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