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Recommended Solar Panel Installers

Recommended Solar Panel Installers

Firstly it is important to note that in order to get the feed-in tariff, both the Solar Panel system and the Solar Panel installer should be members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).
As with all trades people picking a specialist installer can be a difficult process but by following these simple principles you will hopefully find recommended solar panel installers.

  • The British Renewable Energy Awards 2014, run by the Renewable Energy Association.have a best installer category.
  • As with most capital investment projects always, get at least three quotes before signing up, and ensure you have the quotes in writing.
  • When comparing quotes, check the following are included:
    • Scaffolding (not always required for a bungalow) often this can add an additional £400 plus for a typical 3 bedroom house
    • Removal of the existing roof and other roofing works, – if a skip is required this can often cost an additional £150
    • Internal wiring and electrical connection works, – note some installers will use thin low quality cable which is cheaper but creates large losses. Reputable installers will use high quality lower loss cabling
    • Sorting out a connection agreement with the energy supplier
    • Installing meter / or system for measuring
  • Make sure the installer is a member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (Real) scheme.

Paying Your Solar Panel Installers.

If you make at least a part payment with a credit card you gain additional protection. Making a payment by credit card for something over £100 and Section 75 laws provide additional protection to your consumer rights. Unlike debit cards, cheques and cash, pay in full or part (even just £1) on a credit card and by law the lender’s jointly liable with the retailer. To calculate the potential savings / return on investment click on this Recommended Solar Panel Installers link.
This means you have exactly the same rights with the card company as you do with the solar panel installer, so if it goes bust, you can simply take your complaints to the credit card company if no delivery.

Are All Solar Panel Installers The Same

A Which? magazine investigation back in 2011 showed that many solar companies were unfortunately using poor / shoddy sales tactics and giving poor / incorrect advice to people looking to buy solar PV panels. The Office of Fair Trading also unearthed poor practice in 2013. In 2011, when the payments to generate electricity were an eye-watering £1,100+/year there was a surge to provide solar panel systems. When these payments were reduced some of the less scrupulous companies pulled out, and things have changed since then, but there is still the need for due diligence.

Recommended Solar Panel Installers

Our suggestion would be to look for a locally based, specialist solar installer who can provide you with examples of installations they have completed. For information on sales and marketing as opposed to Recommended Solar Panel Installers simply click on the link. To contact a marketing and sales professional click here

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