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Rebecca Volunteers to Help

A school friend and I will be taking a trip of a lifetime to visit and experience life in the largest slum in the world in July 2011. The Kibera Slums, Nairobi in Kenya holds over one million people in the size of a large council estate.

Kenya although surprisingly is a strong developing country still has major poverty spots. We are going with the organisation called Soap Box Communications Trust ( which is a well established Christian organisation that also believes the families in the Kibera slums deserve a better life than the one they are currently having.

Whilst out there our main project will be helping to build a school so they aren’t learning in the horrendous slum conditions. We will also be sharing experience with the families in the slum and growing a relationship with these people, as their way of living will be totally different one to ours. I truly believe this trip will be life changing for everyone involved as we all experience something we haven’t experienced before.

To cover the costs of the trip and building material for the school  we need to raise £1500 each.  Any donations will be greatly received from the company, not only by us, but by people whose  lives we will be affecting.

Rebecca Volunteers to Help in Kibera Slums Kenya
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