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Realising The Potential In Your People

A businesses most important asset is its people!

Businesses are judged on their financial results. So how do you make sure that you get the most from your people to achieve your business objectives.

With productivity being such an important issue the challenge is how can we work better together.

The following 3 activities are interesting challenges to set your team to help in the management of performance.

Realising The Potential In Your People

Activity 1: Focus and Awareness

Three people throw and catch two balls. This activity is completed by 3 people standing side by side.

  • The person in the middle and to the RHS have rugby balls.
  • The aim of the challenge is the person on the rhs to throw the ball to the centre person who will throw the ball the person on the LHS.
  • Note the middle person has to throw his ball up in the air as well as distributing the other ball.

Observation points from this activity

  • Trust – the other throwers must trust that the middle man will do their part
  • Communication – without effective communication the task will fail
  • It may be necessary to practice the activity in order to get the timings and throwing process sorted
  • You have to concentrate on the task if you get distracted the task cannot be completed
  • You need to develop a process – as one thing follows another

Note: When you are doing the task i.e. throwing and catching you are focusing on the task and your awareness of other external activities becomes diminished.

Focus and Awareness

  • Its difficult to focus and be aware
    • Sometimes you need total focus i.e. getting a major piece of work completed on time
    • Sometimes awareness is needed i.e. blue sky thinking
    • So there is a balance to be had between focus and awareness.

Action: What measures do you have in place to check that both focus and awareness are implemented

Why do you need performance management?

  • Provides structure
  • Offers improved management control
  • Delivers a direct financial improvements
  • Encourages engagement
  • Defines team roles and competencies
  • Increase motivation and productivity

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