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Realising The Potential In Your People – Activity 3

The Issue of Change

Activity 3: Group chaos

As group spread out into a circle so that you can see everyone. Then everybody chooses 2 people (preferably people you don’t know well). the idea is to stand in a position equidistant between these two people. Once you say the word “Go” everyone can move into the required position.

As you move it breaks out into a chaotic situation, as ultimately your movement causes and impacts on others people movement. Interestingly some people will stand still waiting to see what happens. Now this is fine but of course as they then move so it impacts on the group layout

Realising The Potential In Your People

Change is when something different happens

This could be through

  • new people
  • new processes

Important note: Not everybody changes at the same pace. I’ll move when I’m happy to move, which then impacts on the group – its the issue of cause and effect. We are all different “why should I change”.

Often there are two distinct types. Those who when faced with change don’t hold back (and in fact positively race forward, thus creating more change) and those who are slow and need encouragement / pushing in order to achieve change.

Realising The Potential In Your People

In your business how are you working as a team. Are you a team of champions or a champion team. For more information on business development activities click here

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