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Realising The Potential In Your People – Activity 2

If within your business you have team made up of Directors, Managers and Staff then within the 3 elements of Policy, Procedure and Execution how do they spend there time.

In an ideal world directors would be focused on strategic activities, managers would be looking at operational issues and staff would be involved in tactical activities.

Unfortunately with many SME’s the actual split ends up with directors getting involved in operational activities, managers splitting their time between operational and tactical and the limited number of staff on tactical activities.

Realising The Potential In Your People

Activity 2: Do you work as a team

The task as a team to lower the eight metre pole to the floor . Half the team stood on the LHS side of the pole, the other half on the RHS. Resting the poles on the index fingers of both hands with the arms outwards the team then attempted to lower the pole to the floor without everyone in the teams fingers maintaining contact with the pole.

About the task

  • The lightweight pole would typically weigh about 250g
  • In a typical team of 14 people, that’s 28 fingers supporting  the pole
  • As a team nobody wants to drop the pole so automatically the pole will rise.
  • If the pole starts to rise then everybody else within the team has to move their fingers up to stay in contact
  • Nobody was purposely pushing the pole up but as a new task they had no idea what was the right approach

Learning points from the activity

  • To work effectively as a team
    • You have all got to act together
    • There needs to be a high degree of TRUST within everybody. If one person doesn’t engage within the team that can significantly impair the performance.
    • Importantly just because you might ultimately complete the task it doesn’t actually mean that you are a high performance team
    • Ultimately are we achieving results in spite of ourselves

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