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Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers

Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers

Those companies involved in manufacturing will probably be well aware of an approach that has been available in manufacturing for a number of years called Rapid Prototyping.

This technique which has advanced significantly over the last 20 years allows complex shaped products to be developed rapidly and physical components to be produced. The physical components are then perfect to demonstrate a product concept that would have perhaps been difficult to do so via traditional drawings etc.

This is especially the case if you are showing a product to a non engineering type person who will struggle to visualise / feel how a product will look.

Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers has similar sales and marketing advantages

  • Its fast – sales and marketing results are achieved in days and weeks not months
  • It measurable at every stage so you can accurately identify the effectiveness and measure the results
  • Highly targeted campaign focus – so you are creating a very specific offer in order to identify its impact
  • The RTM produces a high quality output (just like Rapid prototyping produces an accurate component) – just because its fast, doesn’t mean that ‘thinking’ or design elements are compromised. With RTM for Manufacturers you get the chance to get accurate feedback and sales from your customers rapidly
  • Now RTM For manufacturers may be completely different to how you currently conduct your Sales and Marketing activities

Do any of these relate to how you currently approach Sales and Marketing ?

  1. Have a once yearly review at which point we try and put a plan together but we never really get a proactive plan sorted
  2. We react to advertising opportunities when sales are dropping and spend money on speculative advertising
  3. We don’t accurately measure the effectiveness of our sales and marketing activities
  4. We have a website but not sure if it actually generates us any business

Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers

If any of the above 4 points relate to your business you would benefit from considering RTM for Manufacturers. Call Andrew Goode (a time served apprentice and engineer for many, many years ) on 01733 361729 or email Or click here for more information on Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers
For other information on a Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers website click here

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