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What Qualified Marketing Professionals Bring To Your Business

Over the years we have worked with many businesses who prior to our involvement have never worked with qualified marketing professionals.

This means in most cases they  have have worked with the suppliers of the end output for example

  • person selling advertising space, for a yellow directory
  • the printer who can print leaflets, brochures or business cards
  • the computer / IT person who can also “build” a web site etc ).

Now if your advertising salesperson, printer, IT person etc are also qualified professional marketers then no problem, but if not, would you benefit from having qualified marketing professionals in your business.

Qualified Marketing Professionals Chartered Institute of Marketing Fellow Andrew Goode FCIM

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The Benefits Of Having Qualified Marketing Professionals In Your Business

A professional and qualified marketer, as part of creating a strategic marketing plan to develop the growth of the business will have gained a detailed insight in sight and knowledge of your

  • Customer personas – the profiles of people who will buy from you
  • The benefits and differentiating points of the products and services in your portfolio
  • The optimum price points of your products and services compared to the competition
  • The promotional plan required to generate sales enquiries
  • Calls to action required to encourage prospects to call / email
  • What offers are required to stimulate the sales process
  • Along with 5 forces, SWOT, GAP analysis, Pestle etc

From an output perspective a professional qualified marketer will

  • Get greater impact from the “promotional stuff” you do
    • Avoiding the creation of marketing leaflets, brochures that don’t help in the sales process
    • Maximising the impact of communicating what you do when you get the chance to get your message in front of your target
  • Develop a more stable pipeline of enquiries
    • For many companies marketing is something that happens when the order book is reducing, or there are less enquires than normal
    • Having a marketing discipline within the business, ensures that activities to maintain, develop and grow the pipeline are considered as important as managing cash flow or production
  • The ability to target and prioritise
    • One of the biggest failings of companies without a professional marketing influence is the inability to target
    • Not everyone is a customer and the ability to dissect and evaluate “customers” provides an insight that allows a snipers approach to picking off customers
    • With budgets and time being two core constraints accurate targeting will allow you to identify where to prioritise your activities
  • Generating ideas and approaches that you wouldn’t have thought about
    • When you operate in a competitive market you need to make sure your messages get noticed
    • Sending the same old email, reproducing a leaflet that looks like your competitors possibly wont cut it anymore
    • In a world where you need to differentiate yourself from competitors – how are you going to come up with leading edge / innovative ideas that engage with your audience. Who is going to be responsible for “Different & Innovative”
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
    • If you are involved with finances  – you are expected to keep up to date with accountancy developments
    • If you are involved with managing people – you should have a good handle on HR issues
    • If you are installing Gas – it helps if you are a qualified gas installer
    • If you need to grow your business through marketing and sales doesn’t it makes sense to use a qualified and experienced marketer?

What Qualified Marketing Professionals Bring To Your Business

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