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Product Positioning Great Examples

Product Positioning – The Marketing Definition

Product positioning is an important element of sales and marketing and is the process used to determine how to best communicate their products’ attributes to their target customers based on customer needs, competitive pressures, available communication channels and carefully crafted key messages.
Effective product positioning ensures that marketing messages resonate with target consumers and compel them to take action.

Product positioning a recent great example

For me the Forestry Commission got it absolutely perfect when they ran a promotional event which featured the Gruffalo. Since becoming dog owners almost 2 years ago taking the dog for a walk in the woods has become a weekly outing. So as fifty year old, miniature schnauzer  owners the woods have just become a destination to walk the dog. Without the dog it is very unlikely that we would visit the woods.
So when the other week we took the grandchildren to the woods imagine our surprise and delight when we encountered a real life Gruffalo

Why it worked for me

  • For those who have read the Gruffalo (if not its a great read irrespective of whether you have young children) the story could have been set in these woods
  • The match was perfect and targeted a new audience (those who enjoyed the character) to come to the woods.
  • For many going to the woods could be seen as a one off activity, the Gruffalo provided a perfect reason to revisit
  • The woods are an area for exploration, observation and activity. The Gruffalo walk combined all three of these beautifully.
    • A specific nature trail had been created with Gruffalo signage (to encourage Gruffalo type activities), so find the next sign , activity etc
    • The grand finale of arriving at a full size Gruffalo – see the image where I thankfully managed to sneak up on the creature
    • All in all perfect execution and great experience for both brands

Product Positioning A Recent Horror Example

At a recent business event I was talking to a salesperson of a very well known automotive brand. During a conversation as to who were their major competitors a number of well known and developing brands were discussed. Which led to the question “So in a competitive sector why would I choose your brand?” to which the answer came

“People choose our vehicles because they are fairly anonymous”

Now I might be missing something but positioning your product to be anonymous was a new one to me. I certainly up until this point had never come across a person who chose a car based on being anonymous!

Product Positioning

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