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Problem Solving Within Your Business

So how does your business solve problems

This broad statement possibly needs further refining (which is in fact part of the problem solving process – find out more about this later in the article)

Which of these two business problem solving approaches do you follow?

Approach One : Leap into it

So a problem arises within the business and we just get on o solve it. This could be categorised as just leaping in to solve the problem as opposed to actually understanding it.
The reason for this is that many people just want to get on get on with the problem solving process, their brains just seem geared up to ‘fast processing’

Approach Two: Ponder

Or perhaps a problem arises and you just sit on it, or park it for you this is a crucial time of pondering, reflection or simply just thinking about other stuff. In this world there are some people who just appear to be away with the pixies thinking irrelevant fluffy thoughts.
The image on the right hand side summed this up beautifully (Unfortunately I cant credit the image as I don’t know who created it). You often hear of people talking out those who are left sided and analytical compared to those who are right brain oriented and has a distinctive creative bias. There are numerous views on this that we wont go into within this article.

Approaches To Problem Solving Within Your Business

Identifying the real problem?

The challenge for me is that in many cases businesses suffer these issues to solving business problems

  1. They don’t accurately define the problem which then ultimately means they miss identifying the real problem. “How can we” is a great approach
  2. If they do identify the real problem they often don’t have the skills, capabilities or time to generate novel and useful ideas
  3. Some of the challenges include
    • Decisions being made on past experiences. This is the equivalent to trying to drive a car forward but only looking in the rear view mirror
    • Not actively listening and hence experiencing blockages to the thinking process. For example if I asked you the following question. Make the value of £1.05 using two coins currently in circulation, but one of them must not be a 5 pence piece – could you make the required value. If you are struggling and would like the solution just contact me.
    • The speed in which change happens (especially for certain sectors) means that standing still is not an option
    • The business does not have a process in place to effectively come up business solutions
  4. One approach to creative problem solving is
    • Problem definition
    • Problem exploration – involving convergent / divergent thinking leading to problem understanding
    • Idea Generation leading to creative problem solving

Approaches To Problem Solving Within Your Business – What will you differently to solve your business problems

In many cases having an experienced third party business person work with you and you team can help you come up with better solutions to you business problems. If you would like to know more about creative business problem solving contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here. For other information on business issues and marketing click here

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