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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies Are They All The Same

If you are looking for printed circuit board assembly companies then there are many factors that will affect which one you choose. The fascinating factor to me is that these companies all appear to use the same language, communication and messages as each other which makes it incredibly difficult to actually differentiate between them. When you combine this with the imagery that they often use

  • the classic image of a printed circuit board
  • a picture of a modern factory with a range of SMD placement equipment
  • and even the classic picture of the outside of the building to emphasis that they are big and they can deal / cope with your requirement
  • the problem is that its all so cliche
Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

A Focus On Capabilities

One of the other problems that i found when reviewing them is that they all seem to focus on their capabilities. Now to me this essentially seemed to be a shopping list of the equipment that they had within the factory for example

  • 4 x Samsung automatic pick and place machines (2 X CP45 NEO, 1 X CP40, 1 X CP20)
  • 2 x conveyors full convection reflow oven with 8 & 12 zones (Plus 12 & Passat) 
  • 1 x A partridge in a pear tree
  • Ersa IR550/PL550 rework and alignment system 
  • Blundell CS400D wave soldering machine Lead free
  • 3 x the ACME widget placer
  • 3 x Lynx microscope (Vision Engineering) x6 to x40 magnification
  • Mirtec MV-2HTL AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system
  • Ersascope2 (BGA inspection system)
  • 2 x Really big machine with flashing red lights
  • Scorpion 9000 ATE Test Equipment

Now I don’t know if you spotted the partridge, widget placer or the really big machine, but my guess is that as you scanned through you didnt and this is one of the key elements Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies use in their armory to encourage you to consider them

Circuit Board Assembly Companies That Have The Technical Capabilities

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