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Presentation Skills – The benefit of using props

Children’s Glasses, Nelsons Sail, A football,  Oar and a Canary

I went to a networking presentation this week where the speaker Mark Wrigley instead of doing death by PowerPoint used a series of props to demonstrate / illustrate some of the core principles within his talk. Now 4 days after the presentation I can still remember the 4 points where a prop was used. So lets go through the 4 props that showcased his presentation skills

Chlidren’s glasses

The issue of every company needing a vision, therefore the link of glasses. The reason for children’s glasses in that as youngsters quite often you don’t have boundaries or fears. So before you have had the fight taken out of you  a vision should be just that. None of this ‘No we cant do that’

Presentation Skills

Nelson’s Sail

A fantastic picture of the sail from Nelsons ship Victory which had the canon ball holes in it from the battle. Now the topic in question was actually Sales and the need to generate profitable sales so purely a play on words, but a great way of engaging with teh audience

A football

All companies should be measuring the key metrics within a company

  • Turnover
  • Sales
  • Profit
  • Number of new enquiries
  • etc

The measurement is therfore critical but in many companies measuring stuff doesnt result in any action. The rationale of the football was therefore to illustrate the concept of Scoring. That way you can share results , make measurement competitive and suddenly the measurement takes a whole new approach.

The Oar from a boat

For oar read Order, so a great way of getting you to think of the concept of needing to get order , systems,  processes in place

A Canary

Years ago canaries used to be taken down the mines to act as an early warning system. When the quality of the air deteriorated the canaries fell off the perch and the miners could exit. Within a business there is a need to identify early warning signals for what is working and and not working
In summary – Really good to see an accountant deliver a presentation that was engaging and entertaining (and without powerpoint).

Presentation Skills

The use of props for me definitely helped enforce the key messages being presented. For more information on presentation skills simply click here on the link To contact Andrew Goode wan experienced presenter and creator of presentations click here

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