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Precision Engineered Components

If you are looking to procure Precision Engineered Components within the UK there are literally thousands and thousands of factories, engineering workshops and facilities who will suggest they have the relevant capabilities to

  • machine what you want
  • in the material of choice
  • to the forecast volumes
Precision Engineered Components

Precision Engineered Components Suppliers

With so many engineering companies  purporting to be precision engineered suppliers just how do you identify a supplier who will do what you require, when you require it consistently. Some of the key characteristics used by engineered components companies include

  • Use of quality marks and accreditation ISO 9000 being one of the most popular but there are a plethora of others including SC21 a supply chain initiative for the aerospace and defense industry
  • Having listings on their websites that showcase the manufacturing equipment they have on the factory floor

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One Off Precision engineered components

It may be that you are looking for a limited number off precision engineered components that are required  for a specialist project. Perhaps you are building a prototype or you are a low volume manufacturer. Some companies are extremely good at making one off’s / low volume. They often have experienced engineers who are able to translate your engineering drawing, understand the operating characteristic you are looking to achieve and ensure that the stand alone component will work as part of an assembly. Alternatively many will prepare to be involved in machining the complete assembly.

This can be advantageous in a number of ways

  • If you are subcontracting a whole assembly of precision components from a single company it avoids the issue of contractors assigning blame in the event of something not working / fitting / failing
  • An expert company may be able to offer additional advice on the components / assembly you are looking to create and may be able to help with the design for manufacture

For more information on precision engineered components in the form of websites click here, for marketing information to help precision engineered components manufacturers click here

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