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Playground Equipment Suppliers

Playground Equipment Suppliers What To Consider When Selecting

Playground Equipment Types

There are many different types of equipment that can be used externally in the playground

  • Shelters and outdoor buildings that can provide a private area away from school for reflective reading or play
  • Climbing towers that offer a controlled environment to explore, pretend and have adventures
  • Adventure trails for youngsters to improve their balance and test their dexterity
  • Imaginative play areas such as pirate ships, buses and role play houses
  • Sensory play areas to engage with sound, touch and light
  • Through to simple but functional tables and seating to provide a valuable area for learning (when the weathers good)
Playground Equipment Suppliers

Playground Equipment Suppliers Design, Manufacturing and installation Capabilities

If you are looking to selecting and purchase playground equipment then there are some key points to consider
Are you purchasing from a company who design, manufacture and install? I believe this is a key consideration for the following reasons

    • Companies who have design capabilities often have a greater capability to develop equipment that best matches the needs of users. A company with in house design capabilities will be able to offer advice and guidance as to how to maximise the available space with playground equipment Suppliers with design capabilities may be able to take standard playground equipment items and modify them to allow you to create a unique piece of play equipment
    • If you are buying direct from a manufacturer, then you should
      • be buying at the most competitive price, as no distributors or third parties involved
      • have greatest confidence that the product will be manufactured and delivered on time
      • have greatest recourse should there be any issues with the quality of manufacture i.e. nobody to pass the buck on too
    • If the company who have designed it are the company who have manufactured it then there is the greatest chnace that when this playground equipment comes to be installed on your site it will not only fit, it will also do and be exactly what you were expecting

There are many playground equipment suppliers. If you are a playground equipment supplier who would like to make more sales contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional. For more information and articles on differentiating your service click here

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