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Plastic Row Boat Selection

There are many occasions when a plastic row boat could be just what you need for your nautical adventures.

Whether you are messing about on the river, splashing about with your children in the shallows or paddling across from your bigger boat to the mainland a rowing boat could be the perfect vessel.

Plastic Row Boat Selection

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Plastic Row Boat Characteristics

The perfect plastic boat would have the following characteristics.

The plastic hull or body would be

  • extremely light this would make carrying it or transporting it very easy
  • very buoyant so that the plastic row boat was incredibly stable within the water. This would be incredibly important for fisherman who tend to frequently  move around the boat
  • resilient to UV light meaning that the boat could be left outside in the sun without any fear that it would degrade over time
  • incredibly strong and be able to withstand knocks and bumps both in and out of the water

Additional Plastic Boat Features

  • secure mounting points for the oars to be secured
  • strong cross members that would provide the internal seating platform within the plastic row boat
  • a long length of cord secure to a strong mounting point so that the boat could be confidently tied up when moored
  • the capability of securing a small outboard motor. Now I know I mentioned that this was a plastic boat, but what could be better than having the capability of attaching a small outboard and being able to cruise along without the need to paddle
  • a wide variety of colour options would also be beneficial, perhaps if the boat could be supplied in the colours of your favorite football team or coloured as per your national flag
  • personalisation of the boat with your name would be the icing on the cake to ensure easy identification within the marina

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