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Planning For Growth

10 Points To Consider When Planning For Growth

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business?

If you are looking to significantly grow your business the following points are worth considering and discussing.

  • Going for significant growth is not easy and you need to be realistic and up for the challenge
  • You need to clearly know where  your your business is now. In order to identify what it needs to achieve
  • What does success look like to you
  • Be realistic about the sacrifices needed and is the timing right
  • Do all the Directors and Managers within the business have the same aspirations
10 Points To Consider When Planning For Growth
  • Planing is critical but shouldn’t get in the way of making decisions.
    • You shouldn’t let planing lead to procrastination and avoidance of decision making
  • Think about your team
    • Are your best workers tied into your
    • Are they incentivised to perform
  • Cash is king, your new plan might be highly profitable but are you going to be able to cash flow your growth
  • Think about the need for support, are there any skills and support that you would benefit from
  • Beware of being side tracked from what you are really good at. Over the years we have
  • Listen and learn from others. Be flexible and prepared to change your mind

Six stages of high growth planning

1. Identifying where you are now as a business. As with most travel you need to know where you are currently located
2. Where do you want to get to. If we are only going a mile down the road then the amount of planning is minimal, if we want to go to Australia then that will take significantly more planning (if we are to get there)
3. How are we going to get there. So now that we know we want to get to Australia uk there are numerous options available to us, each with a different set of characteristics (time, cost, effort etc)
4. As well as the business growth objectives what personal aspirations and goals need to be achieved.
5. In considering the challenge that going for growth will create what are your strengths and weaknesses
6. What changes will be needed in order for us to achieve the growth criteria

The High Growth Planning Journey

10 Points To Consider When Planning For Growth

If your business is looking to grow and develop a Growth Coach could be a valuable resource to help you and your team achieve success. When planning for growth an external experienced and professional consultant can provide new ideas, challenge existing assumptions and provide a devils advocate perspective. Call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 to discuss the Growth programmes or click here for news. To talk to a marketing and sales professional click here

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