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Pistachio Ice Cream The Best In London

Pistachio Ice Cream Best When Super Fresh

I was recently in London to meet a client. As I had made good time decided to have a quick visit to Covent garden. Whilst exploring came across a fantastic Pistachio Ice Cream Parlour Scoop – Natural Luxury Gelato, Covent Garden, 40 Short’s Gardens, WC2H 9AB London. As is often the way I got talking to the staff who all appeared passionate about their pistachio and 15 other types and got to hear about how they

  • Use absolute top quality natural raw materials
  • The colour of their gelato is natural
  • Cold is our only preservative
  • The vibrancies of each flavour are based on artisanal recipes.
  • They select the raw materials carefully by origin to let you taste the different aromatic notes of cocoas, vanilla pods and coffee beans from different regions of the world.
  • Their gelato is produced fresh daily in their state-of-the-art laboratory by adding each single ingredient according to the strictest tradition of the Italian gelateria.
Pistachio Ice Cream

Gelato Ice Cream An Affordable Luxury

All of the above were great marketing messages. But the two most powerful marketing messages in play were

  1. The fantastic display of ice creams – just looked amazing
  2. The taste. Of the 16 varieties of ice cream available I chose the Pistachio Ice. Fantastic no wonder that Scoop has been rated a 5 star ice cream parlour by Time Out.

Now I didn’t know this at the time so what was it that attracted me to try the Scoop pistachio ice cream

  1. The store front – the contemporary design looked inviting and appealing
  2. The internal fittings – the parlour looked clean, the merchandising looked vibrant and tempting.
  3. The product (the ice cream) was the hero and with the vibrant colours, extensive array of options made it incredibly easy to make a purchase
So a number of great examples of retail marketing. Click here for more examples of marketing outside of Pistachio Ice Cream click here. To contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional who can help improve your marketing click here
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