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Pirate Safety Sword Ideal For Clumsy Pirates

Pirate Safety Sword – The Need For Improved On Board Safety

Pirate Safety Sword – The Rationale

A Pirate Safety Sword may be considered as unnecessary but lets consider some of the following practical considerations. It may be that you have a need to practice you fighting skills on deck. Now in these conditions there are a number of factors to take into account.

  • There will possibly be limited space and the last thing you want top be doing is swishing 3 foot (1 meter for modern pirates) of polished razor sharp steel around with the catastrophic chance of making contact with a pirate who is on cleaning or tea duties. So if you have a small ship a pirate safety sword could be ideal
  • If sword practice is a regular  activity how are you going to practice in the event of a heavy swell with the pirate ship rolling from side to side as it faces 30 foot (10 metre for modern pirates) ways in the rough seas of the Caribbean (or nay other area where you want to do your pirating) a safety sword for pirates could be perfect perfect
  • If you any your pirate colleagues are new to sword fighting it could be that there is limited first aid capability on the pirate ship in which case if the whole crew start chopping pieces out of one another with real swords not only is the qualified first aider going to be very busy, you are going to use allot of band aids (other plaster brands are available) you are also going to be at a severe disadvantage if you happen to run into her majesties Royal navy or other bands of pirates. A Jack Sparrow sword therefore puts you at an advantage
  • So a black beard safety sword carries a number of advantages for mutinous buccaneers
    • Can be used what ever the weather and regardless of wave height
    • It will keep the on board health and safety office happy and make risk assessment a doddle
    • The crew will be in optimum condition when they come to rum drinking, treasure finding or other such pirate activities

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Pirate Safety Sword Ideal For Clumsy Pirates
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