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Pirate Planks A Missed Marketing Opportunity

Pirate Planks Ideal For The Fast Exit

Pirate Planks Specification Requirements

Pirate planks have been walked on by numerous scallywags and victims over the years so have you ever considered what goes on to make the perfect pirate plank. Here are some thoughts

  • They should be made of a material,  preferably wood (if any historical authenticity is required ) that provides the following characteristics
    • It should be made of a single piece of wood that is approximately 3 metres long
      • The length is important as the ‘walker should get sufficient feeling that they are away from the pirate vessel
    • It should be able to withstand the weight of a person when they are stood at the far end of the pirate planks  (note I have used a plural as it may well be that there are more than one plank on the ship)
    • Now here is an interesting point to ponder. Historically when you watch the swashbuckling movie the poor heroine or hero is generally of slim build. Therefore as they move down the thin plank it only slightly bends and wobbles under their weight. With today’s more obese society would that require plank planks of thicker  construction.
  • Should pirate planks have a no return element to them so that once condemned to walk the plank, the only way is OFF
  • Is there potential for a range of designer pirate planks and if so what additional design features should these pirate timber offer. How about the ability for space for advertising messages or branding. What about embedding a digital timer (suitably respondent with watch manufacturers  branding) so that the time to walk a plank can be accurately recorded.
All of this leads to the fact unfortunately that in real terms there perhaps any real opportunity to commercially benefit from pirate wood and this article has been purely created to showcase the ability to win on a word with no commercial value.

Pirate Planks

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Pirate Planks
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