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Peterborough Shopping Something For All

Peterborough Shopping A Mix of Large and Independent

Peterborough Shopping The Big Centres

There are three main shopping centres in Peterborough which contain a large variety of the shops you would expect to find in any major city. The largest and most heavily advertised (and one which is directly linked to the main multi storey car parks is the Queensgate centre. This is a classic me to shopping centre so will not disappoint as it ticks all the boxes of every other shopping area. Praise must be given to the fantastic environmental work that takes place outside of a shoppers gaze from energy efficient measures through to recycling. So for a large shopping centre experience with an environmental twist Queensgate does tick the sustainable box.
Serpentine Green at the Hampton development features a huge covered shopping area where Tesco is is the lead store but within the complex are numerous other main stream retailers, eating areas and banks providing an additional Peterborough shopping experience. With over 2000 free parking spaces including a large number for both disabled and parents & toddlers the free parking alone make Serpentine Green a very popular destination.

Peterborough Shopping

Peterborough Shopping The Independents

Once you get outside of the larger centres you then find the mix of independent retailers who can provide you with a unique shopping experience and products just not available form the larger nationals. By there very nature the independents are spread throughout the city but they are worth looking out for for. There are three main Peterborough Retail Shopping areas for independents 

  • Bridge street – where there have been independents for longer than Woolworths (now long since gone)
  • Westgate Arcade – a classic shopping arcade with characterand charm hosting a number of quirky and interesting retail experiences
  • Cowgate – An area that having recently been renovated and refitted is now hosting a number of independents. It also features what is apparently the shortest zebra crossing in England (this isn’t confirmed but over time it might become a very popular Beatles type photo location

Peterborough Shopping

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