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Peterborough Marketing – Great Customer Service

Peterborough Marketing – Understanding customer lifetime Value

Peterborough Marketing A Great Approach

I recently experienced a company in Peterborough who were executing all aspects of the marketing brilliantly. We have recently purchased a new dog (Rex a Miniature Schnauzer) and this is the first time we have ever owned a dog.

Now one of the core services that you need when you buy a puppy (outside of very expensive highly nutritious branded dog food as recommended by the breeder, or poop sacks ) is a vet in order to provide the various inoculations.

Peterborough Marketing

Great Marketing From A Peterborough Company

So how do you find a vet in which to trust the latest member of the family. Well as with  many ‘service’ based purchases the starting point isn’t looking in a directory or magazine (or even going on line) its talking to dog owning friends and family. Well after much talking a vets practice came up as being very good time after time. So this vet was visited in order to do the first inoculation. So what marketing did the vet do well

  1.  The booking in process was simple, personalised and the person on the telephone gave complete confidence that this buy tramadol vets practice new what they were doing
  2. On arrival at the vets the building was in good order, the signage was clear and bold and crucially parking was easy and free
  3. We were greeted by a receptionist (wearing the vets corporate uniform) who was friendly and efficient. The paperwork used to get Rex’s details followed the corporate branding and gave a confidence to the service they were providing
  4. The vet was helpful, reassuring and as you would logically expect appeared to be passionate about dogs. Their questioning approach was reassuring in a number of ways and as they found out more about the breeder you could sense that they were genuinely impressed and interested
  5. They scheduled a follow up appointment once the current appointment was completed
  6. The vets invited us to a series of complimentary puppy parties being held at the vets in order to get the puppies used to coming to the vet environment

Peterborough Marketing

All in all a very satisfactory marketing performance by the vets. If you would like to find out who the vet is at great Peterborough marketing simply click here. For great Peterborough marketing support contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional

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