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Peterborough Heritage Festival

Peterborough Heritage Festival Experience 2,000 Years Of The Regions History

Heritage Festival 22nd and 23rd June

Peterborough Heritage Festival

What’s the Peterborough Heritage Festival all about?

The Heritage Festival is specifically tailored to Peterborough. Attend this event and discover the last two thousand years of Peterborough’s history in one particular site, in the heart of Peterborough city centre. There are other  multi-period historical events, taking place such as the Festival of History in Northamptonshire, but that’s event is taking place in the wonderful Northamptonshire countryside, and the Viking Festival in the fantastic historical centre of York, but that’s concentrating on one specific period in history. Peterborough is the only place in the country that for the weekend is showcasing free of charge its own history in the heart of a city centre and Peterborough Heritage festival is very proud of that.

What events and periods does Heritage Festival cover?

Peterborough has a rich history, and these are highlighted within the festival
  • See Iron Age tribesmen and Romans who are coming along, tying in with the story of Bouddica’s rebellion.
  • Marauding Vikings and fearsome Saxons, recreating the time of the sacking of the first abbey church in 870.
  • Colourful medieval knights from the fourteenth century tying in with the period of death and killing as four hundred people were hanged or put to the sword.
  • Civil War Roundheads who, took the city in 1643 and sacked the Cathedral.
  • The prison of war camp for Napoleonic soldiers 200 years ago  will allow teh red-coat soldiers
  • Also soldiers from world war one and world war two will be on display but the focus wont just be about the military activities, there will be features on day-to-day life, about how people fed themselves, prepared and cooked, slept, cleaned, i.e. did all the normal mundane daily things that really brings history alive.

The Heritage Festival in Peterborough

Held in the historic heart of Peterborough city centre in the Cathedral precincts, the Heritage festival will take place on Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 June.
For more information about the Peterborough Festival visit or other marketing activities click here. To contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional based in Peterborough click here
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