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Peterborough DNA

Peterborough DNA What Makes Peterborough

I recently heard of a project being funded that is called Peterborough DNA. As it sounded really interesting and a subject I am passionate about I thought would check out the blurb on the project.

Note this is copied directly from their website

“The strands of DNA in Peterborough are multi-faceted and intrinsically cross-cutting within themselves, as well as being mutually inter-dependent to deliver greater value. Underpinned by real-time data, the proposal incorporates innovation, skills, our city metabolism and intelligent networks. As well as identifying technological solutions as part of the proposal. Innovation is in the DNA of Peterborough. As home of the UK’s environment capital, we have an unrivaled network of high quality, innovative companies and thought-leading organisations. We are a national and international leader in ground-breaking solutions, from the ‘Peterborough Model’ visualisation tool through to collective energy switching and pioneering system integration”.

Peterborough DNA – my take on it

What is unique about Peterboroughs and DNA from a business perspective. Compared to other cities / areas of the country I think Peterboroughs includes something which inhibits its growth or ability to compete with say Cambridge Business DNA. There is definitely an extra warehousing gene in Peterboroughs, unfortunately it seems that the dominant engineering /  manufacturing gene is becoming dominated by the service gene but as an evolutionary process that’s probably a good thing.
From a retail perspective the dominant gene is definitely the same as every other shopping centre throughout the country. No variation with limited independent retailers able to succeed against the up and coming challenge of online shopping and reducing footfall.
Even so Peterborough must adapt and change if the city and its businesses are to survive and thrive.
For more information on Peterborough type initiatives check out the website. For common sense marketing without the Peterborough DNA click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729

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