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Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral Interesting Information

Cathedral Visitor Information

Location in Peterborough

  • The Cathedral is located in the city centre of Peterborough,
  • This is near to both the bus and train station’s making it ideally located for those travelling from outside of Peterborough.
Peterborough Cathedral

Opening Times at the cathedral

  • The cathedral is open every day of the year except Boxing day
  • Its worth noting that there may be restricted access at certain times due to events or services occurring. To find out more about these checkout the Cathedral website.

Where to park when visiting the cathedral in Peterborough

  • When traveling to Peterborough to visit the Cathedral there is a car park located at the back,
  • If the full however there is Queensgate car park located in the City Centre which is only a short walk away

What to do at Peterborough cathedral

Historic Cathedral Tours
  • A typical Cathedral tour lasts roughly sixty to seventy five minutes and provides a fascinating insight into the History the building,
  • The tour includes key points of
    • Religious elements
    • Architectural highlights
    • Historical interest,
    • Accounts of the legends and many stories associated with the Cathedral
    • An insight into the continuing use of the building today.
Tower Tours
  • On selected dates from April to October, there is the opportunity for a Cathedral Tour with a difference
  • A tour of the tallest tower in Peterborough for just a small entrance admission.
  • The views from the top are simply breathtaking and provide views  across Peterborough allowing you a unrivalled perspective of the city
Precinct Tours
  • It is not just the Cathedral building that boasts a diverse and interesting history. The Precincts and grounds are equally fascinating, with various tales to be told from way back when the precincts housed some of the city’s most dangerous criminals – not to mention the wildlife and animals that used to roam the twenty six acres of land that make up the Cathedral site.

The Cathedral in Peterborough

Please note the tours are likely to have a small charge in which prices can be found on the Cathedral website.
For more information on visiting the Cathedral click on the link, for more information on how effective marketing could help attractions like Peterborough cathedral contact Andrew Goode an experienced Peterborough based marketing professional.

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