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Performance Of Marketing People

Improving The Performance Of Your Sales & Marketing People

4 Performance Success Factors

Sales & marketing People Performance = (Engagement x Ability ) – Interference

3 Types of Employee Engagement

  • Actively engaged
  • Not Engaged
  • Actively disengaged

If Your Employees Were A football Team Potentially

How can you improve employee engagement

  1. Provide recognition or praise to employees for doing good work. Praise or recognition should be
    • Immediate – don’t delay or wait to end of month etc  – do it immediately
    • Often -don’t just have one event per year – do it frequently
    • Genuine – be honest in your feedback
    • Specific – reward specific activities / performance
  2. Work on the positive points of an employees performance
    • A typical approach is to say “Person X in your role you aren’t doing that very well lets spend time to improve what you are poor at
    • An alternative approach is to Spot Strengths & Maximise Them
      • What do you do right / well that we can build on
      • At work do employees have the opportunity to do what they do best everyday
  3. Does the mission / purpose of your company make employees feel that their job is important
    • Make sure that your employees jobs have meaning

Do your employees jobs have meaning

Steven Covey is famous for his book on the 7 habits of highly successful people. The following football analogy indicates the confusion / inadequacy within employees within a team.

  • Only 4 of the 11 players would know which goal is theirs
  • Only 2 of the 11 players would care
  • Only 2 of the 11 players would know what position they play and what they are supposed to do
  • Of the 11 players 9 would be in some way competing against their own team members rather than the opposition

Improving The Performance Of Your Sales & Marketing People

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