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Opportunity Peterborough Helping Peterborough Business

Opportunity Peterborough is the Economic Development organisation (EDO) based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Opportunity Peterborough was initially set up in April 2005 as an Urban Regeneration Company (URC),

In 2010 Opportunity Peterborough refocused its activities to deliver key economic development services, working alongside by Peterborough City Council (PCC).

Opportunity Peterborough

There are five elements to the services, Opportunity Peterborough conventrates on:

  • Ensuring Peterborough is visible to investors this can include running advertising campaigns on taxis or railway stations. You mauy or may not have seen an Opportunity Peterborough branded taxi in London at some point. Or more recently some advertising messages at a London railway station (possibly Kings Cross)
  • Supporting local business ambitions: with such a wide range of businesses this is a significant task
  • Creating conditions to increase skills levels across our communities. This initiative appears to be based on a skills survey and research within the local area. As with many of these iniatives the challenge is always on engaging with the right businesses and not just getting the same feedback from the same participants
  • Increasing our knowledge of the local and utilising intelligence effectively
  • Supporting the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership: Its goal is to create an economy with 100,000 major businesses and create 160,000 new jobs by 2025, in an internationally significant low-carbon, knowledge-based economy balanced wherever possible with advanced manufacturing and services.At this moment it is difficult to see how or where the impacts to the Peterborough economy are occuring

The following are listed as Opportunity Peterborough aims

  • To confirm Peterborough as a premier location for business and industry a tough challenge as this is a major thread of most EDO’s
  • To increase the prosperity of the city’s people again another challenge that will require encouraging higher tech (non warehouse businesses to join the city) a tough ask when you are competing with Cambridge
  • To facilitate employment and training opportunities which will envolve working with the wide range of universities and colleges within the city
  • To increase the standard of living.

Opportunity Peterborough

For more information on Opportunity Peterborough and other business information click here, If you are a business requiring business development support click contact Andrew Goode an experienced business development professional

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