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On Line Data Protection Key Principles

The Key Thrust To Data protection

1: Tell people what you are going to do with their data before you gather it
2: Within your organisation you need to identify who is the Data Controller
3: If you are capturing and storing names, emails etc you need to have a Data Protection Licence

On Line Data Protection Key Principles

Data Protection Key Principles

  • Personal data includes
    • Names
    • Addresses
    • Telephone numbers
  • Processing includes
    • How the data is obtained
    • The approach / techniques used to record the data
    • How the data is retained / held within the organisation
    • How the data will be used
    • Disclosing and erasing of the data
  • Data subject: This is the individual about whom personal data is processed
  • Any data obtained must be processed fairly and lawfully
  • An organisation needs to identify who is assigned to be the Data Controller
    • The data controller equals the person who determines the purpose for which and the manner for which personal data is to be processed
  • The data controller to notify the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) before processing and failure to notify is a criminal offence. There is a wealth of information on the ICO website

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Data Protection Make Sure You Stay Legal

  • If you have a website and on that website you have a contact us enquiry form box in which a person adds their personal details and submits a request you need to have a data protection licence.
  • If you have been collecting business cards from an exhibition, trade event, networking event etc and are building a database of prospects even if it is a simple spreadsheet you need to comply with data protection.
  • If you have purchased (or acquired) a list of prospective customers that you have now stored on your customer relationship management system (Workbooks, Salesforce, Act etc) you need to comply with data protection
  • If you have a website which has a data capture form whereby information is fed directly into a mailchimp list – you need to make sure you comply with data protection.

On Line Data Protection Key Principles

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