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NFC Marketing Campaigns

NFC Marketing Campaigns Are You Missing Out

NFC Marketing The Fundamentals

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a short-range wireless technology that allows communication between NFC enabled objects typically over a distance of less than ten cm. NFC is is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) standards. NFC is a technology designed to enhance the way we make contactless payment transactions, exchange content, wireless ticketing and connect devices. The tags you see or create include contacts, URLs, map locations, promotions, text etc.

NFC Marketing Campaigns Are They Relevant To Your Business

The amount of NFC enabled devices is growing every day and in time it is likely that NFC will play an important role in the future of mobile marketing, payments and how we use mobile phones in our everyday life. NFC marketing campaigns allow marketers to easily engage with consumers using NFC.

Understanding the NFC technology

Near field communication works in two different ways:

  1. The user establishes a communication connection either between two NFC enabled devices or
  2. A device with an unpowered NFC chip called “tag”.

Reasons why we haven’t seen many NFC Marketing campaigns yet

For a number of reasons many marketers are not yet aware of the marketing possibilities NFC offers

  1.  NFC can’t be seen as a mainstream technology yet and
  2. It will probably take a further one to two  years before it becomes a common feature on smart phones.
  3. Other technologies have been used to try and create  more engagement through using QR codes or focus on classic advertising strategies.

Big brands are using NFC to improve brand awareness and create user interaction

Companies such as Nokia, Samsung, and Twentieth Century Fox are already using NFC . Within these campaigns the offer development was critical in order to encourage the user to scan the tag and thus provide the brand with valuable information

  • Samsung placed a number of l NFC-powered posters all over the USA that offered  Galaxy Three users exclusive songs, e-books or videos by simply tapping their phones over the NFC tag.
  • 20th Century Fox displayed NFC based The X-Men First Class movie posters in London.These posters offered the customer value and provided exclusive video content along with a link to the movie’s Facebook fan page. For 20th Century Fox they obtained detailed analytics about poster locations and video views.
  • So for brands that use classic poster advertising this is a great way to actually measure the impact of classic poster advertisements

NFC Marketing Campaigns Are You Missing Out

If you would like to know more about NFC Marketing Campaigns then simply click on the link or for information on NFC Marketing Campaigns training click here

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