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Muck Spreaders

Muck Spreaders Rationale

In agriculture, businesses, politics and society in general there always appears to be those who want to be muck spreaders.

Now the reason for this behaviour is highly complex and multi faceted and within this article we will consider some of the key drivers for spreading muck.

Muck Spreaders

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Muck Spreaders Dynamics

A link between agricultural spreaders and human muck spreaders

In agriculture spreaders play an important role and need to be designed for optimum performance

  • It is important that they can be easily and quickly loaded. The design should ensure that muck is not spilled on loading  as this will require additional cleaning activities
  • They need to have a high capacity so that they can be loaded with a large amount of muck. This will allow the muck spreading process to carry on for the longest duration
  • The spreader should be able to distribute its contents evenly and consistently over a wide space. The wider the consistent distribution , the fewer passes that will be required to completely saturate the area with muck
  • Robust and reliable in operation. The last thing that you want when you use a spreader is that you spend time filling it only to find that when you get on location it doesn’t spread.
    • Worst case scenario you will have to manually remove all the muck in order to access the spreading mechanism.
    • Ideally external access to all the spreading mechanisms will be available or the unit will have the capability for mass dumping. This will allow the unit to be repaired (minus its contents)
  • On completing its work it should be easy to ensure all the contents are expelled from the muck spreaders, to allow for easy cleaning so that the unit will perform at an optimum level when it is next used

Muck Spreaders

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