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MOT Peterborough Garages

MOT Peterborough where to go

MOT Peterborough

There are lots of garages in who MOT Peterborough but where should you go to get an MOT and why do you need one. Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road must keep it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that vehicles meet road safety (i.e. it will brake, corner, perform) and environmental standards (i.e. its not kicking out huge quantities of CO2) . The first MOT test for a vehicle is required when it’s three years old and will be required to be MOT every year thereafter. Note: There are different rules if it’s used as a taxi. This is as a professional taxi not a mum and dad taxi for the kids

MOT Peterborough Garages

Where to go for an MOT Peterborough test

There are around 19,000 garages authorised as MOT test stations across the country(and about 40 in Peterborough) that can carry out your MOT Peterborough test. The blue three triangles logo is displayed to identify authorised test stations. The maximum fee for the test must be displayed on a poster inside every test station. The station, however, can charge less than what is on the poster if they want to. Many garages do this as a loss leader to get you to try there garage capabilities. Also if the car fails any elements of the test they may offer to carry out the corrective repairs

How vehicles are MOT tested in Peterborough

MOT Peterborough test stations have designated test bays where they conduct the test, using a range of equipment that meets the required specification for MOT testing. The standard test procedures are laid out in an inspection manual that the test station should make available on request. If your vehicle has failed the test, you’ll be given a failure document with reference to this manual. You can watch the test from a designated viewing area but you are not allowed to interrupt the tester while he is working.

MOT Peterborough Garages

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