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Mobile Welfare Units For Sale

Mobile Welfare Units For Sale – What To Consider When Buying

The Health and Safety at Work Act for Welfare instructs contractors to provide statutory welfare facilities on transient sites were three or more people are working. The Act requires that all outside  / external contractors comply with the work act for welfare regulations, and failure to do so could result in the closure of the site.

The statutory welfare facilities must encompass

  • Sanitary conveniences i.e. toilet
  • Drinking water
  • A rest and eating area – i.e. chairs or benches and table / work surface
  • Together with the storage and changing of clothes.

Mobile Units For Sale Choose between Standard, Eco Welfare Units or Mobile Welfare Vans

There are a wide range of mobile site accommodation models, these units which can be incredibly spacious offer excellent anti-vandal solution to site welfare. At there smallest single axle mobile welfare units provide an easily towed allowing instant welfare facilities to be provided for workers moving around on a large site and welfare vans which present the latest in mobile welfare unit facilities.
Environmental / green eco mobile welfare units available, which incorporate many environmentally friendly features to

  • Reduced emissions through improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance work
  • Reduced fuel consumption (thus allowing reduced generator operation hours and a reduction in noise pollution)
  • As well as being great for  the environment as they are very economical to run costs are minimised

Welfare Units For Sale Types

  • Mobile Office Accommodation
  • Anti-vandal canteens,
  • Anti-vandal offices,
  • Exhibition units,
  • Shower units.

Mobile Welfare Units For Sale Typical features

  • Canteen a Area
  • Super Silent Diesel Generator
  • Flush Ceramic
  • Wash basin with warm water tap
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. light
  • Paper towel & soap dispenser
  • Heating system
  • Coat hooks
  • High Capacity Diesel tank with level gauges
  • Drying Room
  • Water tank with capacity for days to weeks
  • Integral effluent tank

For more information on marketing mobile welfare units for sale click here, if you are looking for information on marketing and business development click here

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