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Measurement Crucial In E Mail Marketing

E Mail Marketing Measurements

Once you have created your e mail, developed your landing pages, call to actions, honed the subject lines and cleaned your mailing list the next thing to do is send. Now there are many e mailing packages available, sendblaster, constant contact, mailjet, 1automationwiz, i-contact are some examples. We have used a package called Mail Chimp for the last 9 years and found it delivers great results. One of the reasons we like the package is that it features a range of great measurement tools.

Measurement Crucial In E Mail Marketing

E mail measurement measures

Open rate: this is the most basic of measures but is still a useful measure. Those people who physically click to open the email will be recorded. The ability to actually see who might have been interested is a useful insight

Click rate: In your well crafted e mail you will have included a read more or click here link that will take the reader to additional content on your website. When a link is clicked this will registered and the person who has clicked will be identifiable. This information is really useful as you can now target these people directly as you know they are potentially interested in the content you sent

Bounced: No matter how clean and up to date your list the likelihood is that you will experiences some e mail bounces. There are two types of bounces. Hard bounces can happen for a variety of reasons, the email may not exist, the domain may not exist or the server may be blocking delivery. With Mailchimp hard bounces are considered a permanent problem and the system wont try and send further emails. Soft bounces can occur because the recipients mail box is full. or the e mail is too large. Measurement Crucial In E Mail Marketing

Un subscribed: People who decide that they no longer want to receive further e mails from you. This functionality allows you to comply with best marketing practice

Measurement Crucial In E Mail Marketing

For more information on additional E mail marketing measures click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 . For more information on email marketing services click here

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