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Maximise Your Marketing and Sales Activities

Maximise Your Marketing and Sales Activities

The majority of businesses would ideally look to maximise their Marketing & Sales activities.

In this article we look at some key principles that when applied can significantly improve the chance of your business making profit.

Work through the list below and identify where you are under performing and where changes could make a difference.

Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities

  1. Ask yourself the question “Why should I choose you”

    • If the answer is based upon “we are the cheapest” then perhaps you need to consider if this is a good long term strategy
    • If your answer includes elements such as “nobody else can do this, our technology is the most efficient, etc”
  2. Don’t make business objectives too complicated

    • How to get more customers
    • How to get them to buy more
    • How to keep them longer
    • All really simple objectives that allow you to focus business activities
  3. Be your own customer

    • Ring your business and see what happens when you call
    • Request a proposal – is it compelling
  4. Measure The Metrics That Will Help

    • The most important metrics are those that directly relate to “sales conversion”
    • Numbers of likes, opens whilst easy to measure are potential of limited value
    • Number of in bound calls, sales quotes to conversion are better measurements
  5. Marketing is a professional specialism / discipline

    • Information from 4A’s global marketing effectiveness report shows
      • 90% of people involved in marketing are not professionally trained on marketing and ROI
      • 67% don’t believe that ROI impacts on marketing
      • Every Tom, Dick or Harry can step into marketing and do it professionally NOT
  6. Establish what is the value of a customer

    • Not just for the first transaction (identify customer lifetime value)
  7. How persuasive are your marketing actions

    • Are your proposals persuasive
    • Do you  create compelling adverts
    • Does your website encourage data capture / calls
    • People say “No not why not”
  8. Sell features before benefits

    • What it is – rather than what it does
    • Benefits are really important but its crucial to understand what the proposition is
  9. Negative responses from prospects

    • Don’t assume that if people don’t respond they are not interested
    • You need to keep on chasing / progressing until they say No
  10. Avoid navel gazing about branding

    • Unless you are a major brand “Nike, McDonalds, Dior” it is unlikely that businesses will buy your product / service based upon your braqnding / logo
    • So dont waste hours and hours discussing colours , fonts that will have no impact – especially if your product is just another me to offering

Maximise Your Marketing and Sales Activities

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