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Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities (Part 2)

In maximise your marketing & sales activities part 1 we considered a number of factors including

  • Keeping business objectives simple
  • Identifying why customers should choose you
  • Marketing metrics
  • Customer lifetime value
  • The fact that marketing is a professional specialism, just like accountancy, legal, HR, Engineering etc

In this article we will consider additional activities that should be considered

Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities (Part 2)

Maximise Your Marketing & Sales Activities

11. Don’t fail to train

  • With marketing techniques changing and developing so rapidly there is a need to keep informed on approaches and importantly understand if they are relevant to your business
  • From webinars, to workshops there is a wealth of information and knowledge available

12. Your website should collect names

  • Your website should be designed to encourage visitors to leave their names and contact details
  • Additionally your website should be designed to encourage contact (telephone call / email / visit)

13. Don’t discount all the time

  • At times it may be necessary to offer a discount to secure a purchase (especially for an initial purchase)
  • But don’t discount all the time – otherwise order adderall online customers will never fully appreciate your value

14. Don’t fall for the latest marketing fashion

  • There are numerous ways to waste your money on ineffective marketing
  • There are new marketing approaches being offered on a daily basis – especially in the world of social media. Just because its the latest fad doesnt mean that its the best approach for your business

15. Don’t try and be original

  • Start by being correct
  • Don’t copy other companies adverts
  • Don’t collect strap lines
    • the car in front
    • every penny counts
    • just do it
    • Don’t bother “only have a strapline if it works”

16. Make sure you have a management BullSh1t detector

  • In business there is way too much bullsh1t
    • You should only talk about engagement if you are getting married
    • Check the language you use with customers
    • Check the language you use internally

17. In business never forget the importance of emotion

18. Get on and do it now

  • A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next year

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