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Marketing Wisdom by the Pint

Marketing is all about understanding needs, being different and identifying opportunities to add value. Hopefully some of the pieces withing this article will provide as much inspiration as a well pulled pint.

Innovation that comes from improvising a solution ( Jugaad)

There are 6 key principles

  1. Do more with less
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Think and act flexibly
  4. Seek opportunity in adversity
  5. Include marginal customers in your thoughts
  6. Follow your heart – be passionate
6 Marketing Approaches For Better Business

Frugal Innovation

How to do more and better with less – two examples from Indian innovators

Thinking outside the “ice” box. In the modern world we have fridges that keep our produce at the perfect temperature. With modern units costing hundreds of pounds and requiring 24/7 electricity. In many parts of India there is neither the budget or the power supply but there is the demand to keep household produce cool. Step up the innovation that developed the clay fridge with water to cool

Thinking outside the “hot” box. The GE Incubator has been responsible for saving multiple lives by keeping babies warm in the western world and at $30,000 seems to provide great value for money. But when budgets are limited and skilled staff not available the $30 baby warmer that maintains a babies temperature is a great low cost solution – designed for extreme affordability.

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How Does Social Media Really Work

  • Social is not content
  • Social is not broadcasting
  • Social is not selling
  • Social is listening / engaging
  • Social is genuine conversations
  • Social is building relationships
  • Human to Human , An extension of Face to Face networking
  • More Social less Media

WordPress Wisdom

  • /plugins/simply-show-ids   this is an example of a plug in that hasn’t been updated in 8 years (and is a great exception going against WordPress development logic
  • To search a WordPress site when no search box site/?s=…….. (whatever the term you are searching for)
  • HT-access File – when you don’t have FTP access
  • Short codes finder – use it to find – and then disable it
  • Not WordPress but useful –  use this to see if your email address has been compromised

More Marketing Wisdom

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