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Marketing Training to Lincolnshire SME’s

Blue Dolphin Delivers Marketing Training to Lincolnshire SME’s

How can an SME maximise the value of its brand, in fact for an SME how relevant is a brand. Andrew Goode a Director of Blue Dolphin Business Development on behalf of Angle PlC delivered a 1/2 day workshop entitled valuing your brand.

Content covered within the interactive workshop included

  • The marketing benefits of building a strong brand
  • The power of branding – highlighting how through blind or brand tasting, choice can be impacted
  • Looking at the marketing elements of branding and identifying Lincolnshire brands that we love and respect
  • Reviewing market driving brands that challenge convention aqnd provide a unique experience
  • The use of Eliminate, Reduce, Increase and Create to develop a market leading brand
  • Using a shorthand branding approach to help identify the phrase that captures the brand
  • Identifying how strong is your brand from a marketing context
  • Valuing your brand to consider the issue of pricing and positioning

Marketing Branding Training

For more information on workshops or training that can be delivered by Blue Dolphin contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here For information on marketing and business development services click here

Marketing Branding Training
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