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Marketing Purpose Does Your Organisation

Marketing Purpose – How things have developed

Marketing Purpose since 2008

Background: Since the global  economic challenges and changes of 2008 we can no longer continue just doing the same old same old
Fact: When the sense of purpose is big enough people will do amazing things. Just think of of a major incident and how it can pull people (who previously seemed disparate together) e.g. Queensland floods of 2011 the Premier called for 6,000 volunteers and got 80,000. The marketing reason provided a common goal that everybody could work towards.

Marketing Purpose

Marketing Purpose – Value and Values

In an interesting book Spend Shift by John Gerzema” published in 2010 following extensive research he observed. “We believe that the future face of capitalism will be defined by delivering value and values” followed by “Those that embrace this reality and adapt will find extraordinary opportunities”
A snapshot of some of the observations

  • People have a new found sense of purpose
  • 88% of people said that possessions did not have much to do with happiness
  • Generosity is now the glue that binds a company and provides marketing purpose

The 6 key elements to marketing purpose

  1. Authenticity – say and do what you believe in
  2. Transparency – be transparent in everything that you do
  3. Clarity – Give simple answers – why make it complicated if it doesn’t need to be
  4. Trust – Make it easy for people to trust
  5. Generosity – in an uncertain future we need to be giving not just taking.  Some of the issues currently around giving
    1. Its quite often Ad Hoc so there’s no connection
    2. Most giving is designed to make people feel guilty, the trouble with this is it’s not sustainable
    3. Therefore need to make giving habitual, effortless and provide a connection
    4. Now I will talk more about marketing purpose and generosity in future posts
  6. Certainty – as in the certainty of outcome ‘Will I get what I expect’
For more information on marketing purpose contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729. For more information on marketing and business click here
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