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Marketing Peterborough – Wow, Why & Wooh

Marketing Peterborough – what’s needed to create effective marketing

Marketing Peterborough – What is your point of differentiation

As a Marketing Peterborough consultancy sometimes we fall foul of jargon (just like any industry). So key elements of the process

  • Segmentation – to make sure we understand the customer profiles that choose our product / service
  • Differentiation – what makes us different from the others
  • Positioning – how we rate on a price / value basis
  • etc
Marketing Peterborough

Wow, Why and Wooh

After 20 years in marketing, I heard an Australian marketeer describe the key elements of marketing in there words Wow, Why and Wooh.
  • So the WOW in a nutshell is the emotion that needs to be created when you first engage with the prospect / customer whether its in person or through communications material. From a business to business perspective this is very well illustrated by the following ” When I get your proposal do i go WOW?”
  • Now Wow things don’t have to be massive to have a major impact. The example of having a fly etched into the men’s urinals  in a number of public toilets is a great example of this. (For those who are interested and cant fully visualise I can supply images.) By having something in the urinals for men to focus on, spillage has been reduced by 80%. Showing that
    • The little things you do can make a profound difference
    • Its the little things that you do habitually that define you
  • Now Wows are never static – in a rapidly changing world we need to be constantly striving to develop our WoWs. So going back to our toilets. In a number of premium quality airport toilets they have a touch screen feedback screen where on exiting the toilets you can rate your experience on the cleanliness of the facilities. A set of 5 icons from smiley face to Unhappy face allow you to rate the experience. In the event of someone being unhappy with there experience a cleaner visits the toilets within 30 seconds — WOW.
In the next post I will explain more about Marketing Peterborough and creating Wow along with the issue of Why Marketing Peterborough. Alternatively if you would like to contact marketing Peterborough call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729
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