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Marketing messages through stories

A current marketing project for a client has been to build them a website. Part of the project has been to develop content both to get found on the web and importantly to get interested parties to pick up the phone.

In developing the copy for the website it became clear that the selection of holiday accommodation is a very emotive decision. This brought home to me how when you tell a story from a personal experience it creates a powerful message. For example

  • “When i first drove up the driveway to the cottages, I was amazed by the remoteness of there location”
  • “I couldnt wait to sit down and relax by the log fires”
  • “We were all excited about using the outdoor hot tub”
  • “Its the best cottage we have ever stopped in”
Marketing messages through stories

True Stories

True stories that reflect the needs of your customer will engage with them. If you are looking to engage with your customers through words, then stories could be the ideal medium. There is no need to glorify or exaggerate, just illustrating the examples, issues, problems that a customer has and highlighting how your product / service has helped the customer experience is enough.

Marketing messages through stories

For more information on creating marketing stories contact Andrew Goode click heree. For marketing news and information click here

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