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Marketing for FREE

The adage “If its sounds to good to be true, it often is”is a wise adage to follow. Listed below are TEN marketing techniques that don’t cost a fortune, are incredibly simple but are proven to generate business.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and these approaches are simple and effective

1. Increase your prices – Test an increase in your prices – “People do not buy on price even in highly competitive markets”

2. Call your 40 best customers and ask them what they need and get 2 referrals

Marketing for FREE

3. Get networking – People buy from People (they like), therefore what are your opportunities of meeting prospective customers

4. Public speaking – Where do your prospective customers meet as a group

5. Cut your advertising budget by 50%

6. Maximise the power of PR – position you / your company as the experts

7. UP Sell

8. Improve your sales skills

9. Maximise the power of e mailing

10. Consider joint venture opportunities

Marketing for FREE

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