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Manitou Brackets & Forklift Brackets

There are many types of forklift brackets from JCB, Caterpillar, Bobcat, Sanderson, Tanco, Quicke, Giro and Manitou Brackets for example.

This article which is designed to inform and challenge those who are predominantly selling non OEM replacement fork lift brackets.

If you are interested in Manitou brackets read more as hopefully this article will help you easily find the correct replacement parts.

Manitou Brackets & Forklift Brackets

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Manitou Brackets Selection

If you are looking to select replacement Manitou brackets what are the issues that are of importance to you. Lets explore some of the issues

  1. The significance of Made in England. If you were buying a replacement component that was locally manufactured you would expect it to perform as a minimum to the same level as the component it is replacing
  2. Is the bracket a direct replacement or does it provide additional  benefits
    • Perhaps it fits more easily
    • Is made of superior materials so will last longer or be more durable
  3. As the replacement product doesn’t carry the “branding” of the original manufacturer is an item of com parable quality but at a substantially lower unit cost
    • Achievable if the unit doesn’t have to carry all the administration, marketing and shareholder expectations of a corporate
  4. The issue of warranty of guarantee
    • The classic issue that if you fit components that are non OEM do you invalidate any manufacturer warranty or guarantee. For components such as forklift brackets which are an item that will legitimately wear.  The consideration for a buyer often boils down to
      • Do i have confidence that if i fit a bracket from an alternative source it will work correctly and wont end causing damage to other elements of the forklift

Manitou Brackets & Forklift Brackets

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