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Making Time For Your Marketing And Learning

New Customer Expectations.

We operate in a world where things are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore shouldn’t it be the case that our training needs to constantly change

In 2022 there will be computers more powerful than a human brain.

In 2040 it is forecast that computers will be more powerful than the whole of the human population.

Making Time For Your Marketing And Learning

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Next Generation Customer Centricity

Fundamental Enablers

  • Computer storage power
  • Wireless networking
  • Cloud software platforms

Changing Nature of Business

  • Digital forms – front to back integration
  • Digital transactions (consumerisation)
  • Peer to Peer trust (block chain)

Old Rules No Longer Apply – Leading To Just In Time Learning

  • Ambiguous and chaotic
  • Pace of change accelerating
  • Rate of learning increasing
  • New business models
  • Everything becoming software

The New Business Reality

  1. Change is now continuous – capacity for learning is now lagging behind change
  2. The internet is the HQ of a global business
  3. The scale of global interdependence
  4. Learning – The movement from what you know to what you do

The Importance of Experience, Recording and Analytics

  • Evidence based assessments
  • Social video learning
  • Competency and Skill Assessments
    • competency frameworks
    • learner profiles
    • Assertion processing
  • Talent development – social peer to peer and JIT micro learning

18 months for a good salesperson to perform

  • To operate and be successful its about culture – so within the same industry can all go to the market differently

Locating Your Resources

  • Originally we had “on shoring” making your product / service at your local location
  • Then it looked as if you could deliver as good a product or service from a lower cost area so organisations “off shored”
  • Now for many organisations we have the situation of “No Shoring” – it doesnt matter where you are you just need fast upload times and high definition capabilities

Learning activities are everywhere

  • Learning is happening everywhere
  • In the centre is the learner , the tools and the activities
  • Need to collect the experiences that matter
    • Quantifiable
    • Sharable
    • Trackable

Demand Sensing for New Opportunities

We operate in a world where things are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore shouldnt it be the case that our training needs to constantly change. Times change so quickly often customers don’t know what they what and they need a thought leader to help.
The issues are complex could coaching conversations be a way to share the learning 

  • Your organisation is ultimately highly complex
  • When you are communicating to customers there are inefficiencies at the point of engagement
  • Your customer is ultimately highly complex

So you need to ask yourself “what are the new industry needs? ” e.g. the bridge is the solution, crossing the river is the need

Making Time For Your Marketing And Learning In summary

  • There is a need to shift to Just In Time learning
  • Micro enablement of learning is critical – making things bite size
  • The only sustainable competitive advantage is our ability to learn faster than the competition

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