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Magento Ecommerce Effective Site Development

Looking For An E Commerce System

7 Elements To Consider If You Are Considering Magento

We have developed numerous e commerce sites on the excellent Magento platform. As we have developed e commerce sites we have noticed a number of similar questions arise.

In this brief article we will consider the 7 steps you must consider (note many of these will apply irrespective of what platform you choose, though with some systems you will have no flexibility of choice)

Strategy, 3rd Party Integration, Core and more

  1.  In our opinion you can only effectively develop a Magento e commerce site once you have your business and marketing strategy developed. There are numerous reasons for this not least being that if there is no clear strategy then you will potential squander huge amounts of time and potentially quantities of cash in creating unwanted functionality. Even worse you may find that crucial stages of the customer buying process are ignored and you miss out on opportunities to differentiate your e commerce site
  2. Magento is an open source system but at its heart are ‘core’ files. All functional development should take place using appropriate plug ins. Never change the core files (or let your developer change the core files in Magento
  3. Identify what 3rd party integration you require. It could be stock control, ERP, accounts etc. There are a plethora of plug ins already developed to help reduce the pain and development cost of integratiojn
  4. Time after time we come across companies who haven’t put enough thought into the shipping model they want to adopt. (This is possibly because it can be a real headache) Flat rate, Free, Table , Courier calculated, the list is endless. You need to identify the shipping model that will best suit your products and customer base
  5. The least sexy part of e commerce development but a crucial element is the back end integration. If you are going to be inputting orders into the back end this can be dramatically improved by some additional implementation
  6. Out of the box Magento comes with a huge amount of functionality, but because it is an open source system it has no idea of your business model. Therefore many of the settings / functions may not provide a customer or member of staff with the best user experience. There are literally thousands of plug ins (some free – beware; some very expensive – beware) that can improve the function and experience of your Magento site
  7. Once you have built your site and operated it for a period of time you will probably identify additional new functionality which will help both sales and processing. This is where Magento comes into its own as there is probably a plug in already developed that will just require expert integration to get it working on your site

Magento Ecommerce Effective Site Development 7 Steps

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