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Long Term Relationship Selling

Long Term Relationship Selling – Sales Is As Easy As ABC

I heard a lovely story this week about the stages of an A,B, C training programme that a large company used within the sales force as an approach to increasing sales.
When they initially started the programme the process was

  • A: Acknowledge (relationship building)
  • B: Building rapport
  • C: Close

The company strived to build great customer relationships and found that the sales training programme wasn’t leading to an increase in sales.
Upon a more detailed investigation it was identified that staff saw the challenge of offering an unrivaled level of service as counter intuitive to selling.
An almost second derivative was unintentionally identified as being necessary in order to make the transition from service to sales.

  • A: Always
  • B: Be
  • C: Closing
Long Term Relationship Selling

Marketing helps with the ABC

Thankfully some great marketing kicked in to help the sales process and a process of very detailed and intensive communication buy propecia online no prescription took place with customers to identify why they shopped. This process identified some key factors that were of importance to the customer. They believed they were honestly communicated to when looking to make a product selection and could trust the advisor. They believed that they were able to build rapport and a relationship. Importantly this all led to the fact that the customer was happy to be advised on what to buy and in fact could be sold to without selling.
The ABC process at this point was refocused on

  • A: Attitude
  • B: Behavior
  • C: Commitment

Long Term Relationship Selling

If you are a business that is looking at long term relationships could your approach to selling be improved. Is the approach that you adopt the same through out the organisation especially those who have direct contact with customers. For more ideas and inspiration click here. To contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional click here

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