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Listen First For Great Marketing

In B2B good marketing should be a conversation between the buyer and the selling. In order to optimise this process the art of listening needs to be gained prior to the discussing and selling that will need to take place, but often occur too quickly and often at the wrong time.
In this article we will look at the 3 stages

  • Listening
  • Discussion
  • Selling
Listen First For Great Marketing

1: Listening

The reason and importance of quality listening cannot be understated. You are listening to gather information. If you are looking to develop a relationship and make a sale unless you know what the “pain and issues of importance” to the customer, how will you be able to offer any suggestions

  • When listening is shut up. You have two ears and one mouth they should be used in that ratio.
  • Absorb the information, take it in and store it. Respond with the information in a way that makes them feel as if you have understood (this will then make them feel special and valued)
  • Connect on a human level without business in mind – ultimately many products or services are very similar so its often about people and relationships
  • When listening look for problems to solve

2: Discuss

This is the part of the process where you need to convey your understanding of all that listening. Reflecting back to the customer “this is what I think you were..” . This is a critical stage as you need to make sure that you have understood correctly

  • Note : If the customer interrupts then you need to revert back to listening mode
  • You need to be preparing for “sales” mode

3: Sales

So now might be the opportunity for sales mode alternatively now could be the time to plan the next stage of listening and discussion. If sales mode is appropriate then be sure to have a value proposition available that meets your understanding of the customers needs

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Listen First For Great Marketing – Two Tips

1: To connect at a human level sometimes a prop can help. Perhaps you wear a club tie, or have a badge that reflects your hobby or passion. This prop may help encourage a human level intervention before you start listening business
2. The following four letter acronym might help “WAIT” -. Always be considering – “Why Am I talking”
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