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Liquid Fertiliser Nozzles And Marketing

If only there were Liquid Fertiliser Nozzles that allowed us to accurately spray nutrients on our marketing activities.

These nutrients would be extremely clever like there agricultural equivalent and help the successful marketing elements to grow and perform better offering increased yields.

Whilst these liquid fertiliser nozzles would be being clever enough not to spray nutrients on the “weedy” inefficient marketing activities.

Liquid Fertiliser Nozzles

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Liquid Fertiliser Nozzles For Your Sales & Marketing

You may be wondering about my marketing analogy and liquid fertiliser nozzles but please bear with me. The agricultural sector has become incredibly scientific and has many years recognised that there isn’t a one size fits all approach that can be applied when looking for optimum yields. There are too many variables to contend with

  • Soil quality
  • Moisture content
  • Exposure to the wind
  • Seed quality
  • Conditions when sowing
  • Bugs, insects and infestations

In order to cope with all these variables “experts” are required who are skilled in maximising yields on the crops to be grown. These experts can make tests, analyse, consult with their colleagues and then make suggestions on the crops and importantly the stimulus that they should be given, based upon the conditions upon which the crop is growing. So perhaps some parts of the field need more fertiliser than other areas.

Now lets consider how the majority of companies try and grow their business through marketing. Unfortunately in many cases as opposed to the farmer who gets a specialist in to evaluate how and what they should do. Companies tend to think that they can grow the business through their own marketing. Now this has the effect of meaning that quite often they end using there marketing spend ineffectively and the farming analogy would be

  • They look at doing the wrong things
  • They choose the right approach but don’t fertilise it correctly
  • They choose the wrong message and media ( a bit like planting the wrong crop in the wrong field)

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