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Levity Festival Peterborough

Levity Festival Peterborough Showcases A Weekend of Fun

Levity Festival Peterborough See Lee Nelson, Al Murray And A Cast Of Comedians

What is the Levity Festival Peterborough?

Hopefully the Levity Festival will become a new home for comedy (think of the Edinburgh festival but further south). This year two of the headline acts are going to be Al Murray (who you may well have seen on television in his popular show) and Lee Nelson (who you may well have seen wearing a stripey T Shirt and baseball cap) . Also attending the Comedy Festival Peterborough are many other professional (and famous) comedians and some who will be performing to a large audience for the first time. With a number of stages being erected on the site the biggest challenge will be trying to work out which of the performances you want to watch, the organisers are hoping that whatever you choose the festival will provide an opportunity to have a great laugh and enjoy the humour.

Levity Festival Peterborough

Live Music

Along with the comedy there will also be live music being played by The Horne Section, Doc Brown, The Austin Francis Selection and Jimmy Chase for you to enjoy.
There is comedy for all ages including children with TV presenter of Nickelodeon, Ed and children’s group Wildcats.
Street acts will include magician Sean Adams, The Queen Jester and Rimski’s Bicycle Piano along with many other attractions and rides to keep you occupied at the comedy Festival Peterborough.
Within the festival there will be a variety of food offered within the food market and fair priced bars to help enjoy the time which you have there.

Where is the Levity Festival Peterborough

The festival will take place at the embankment which is located right in the centre of Peterborough, next to the River Nene. Making it easy to walk too from the coach, bus and train station.

  • When is the Festival? – the Peterborough festival takes place on the Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July 2013.
  • How much will it cost to see the comedy in Peterborough – The cost of the festival varies depending on the type of package you purchase, the most expensive for the whole weekend costs over two hundred whilst children’s tickets start from £10

Levity Festival Peterborough

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