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Legionella Testing Kit

Within the United Kingdom there are approximately three hundred to four hundred cases of Legionnaire’s disease per year.

Of these legionella cases ten to fifteen percent are fatal.

Shockingly what is worrying is that these deaths are caused by a totally avoidable disease.

Regular use of a Legionella Testing Kit would ensure that these did not occur. Find out more about Legionella testing kits within this article.

Legionella Testing Kit

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Legionella Testing Kit Requirement

Unfortunately there are repeated incidents of Legionella in drinking water which ultimately leads to cases of Legionnaire’s disease. Even within a developed country like the UK the there are over three hundred cases a year, of which over ten percent are fatal. It is important to note that these deaths are caused by legionella a disease which if regular testing is completed by a legionella testing kit is totally avoidable.

The danger of legionella often goes unnoticed, but ignoring the relevant health regulations can have devastating and ultimately fatal consequences.

Legionella Testing Kit Function

Hot and cold water systems host Legionella which spread through the water systems and, if inhaled, they can cause Legionnaire’s disease which is a particularly serious lung infection.

If you are a landlord, employer, or the person in control of commercial premises, you are ultimately responsible for health and safety. You therefore need to take the correct precautions to avoid legionella and a simple legionella testing kit might be all that is required. The first step is understanding the health risks associated with legionella, but you must also make certain to monitor your systems effectively.

Legionella testing

How can you ensure that you are testing for legionella both regularly and effectively? Water temperature must be properly regulated and monitored to minimise the risk of legionella, . There a number of legionella testing kits and legionella testing services available  for legionella testing and to help make sure water temperature is correctly monitored and the Legionella bacteria is unable to survive and multiply
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