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Learning In Your Business

Organisation complexity impacts on learning

  • Often limited learning and development functions within a company
  • Many companies now employing a percentage of staff where English isn’t spoken as a first language
  • High percentages of staff front line technicians with no spare time capacity
  • Typically employees resistant to change
Learning In Your Business

Historic Perspectives To Business Learning

  • If learning was completed it was done in the classroom
  • Typically less than 10% of the organisation had training
  • Less than 25%  of those within the organisation had development / progressing opportunities
  1. How Is Learning Viewed In Your Company
  2. How could you go about positively changing / improving this perception
  3. Nowadays the most used learning function within a company is You Tube
  4. How many times do the same questions get asked within your company

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Knowledge Assessments

First you need to identify what you dont know and then you need to train on the gaps where there is no knowledge
Note – the important part is to just train on the missing elements not on what is already known. That way you save time

Then you need to make sure that information is visible within the company.

So Just In Time Learning becomes the order of the day. Knowledge delivered in a non sexy, relevant and fast format.
Its important to note that technology on its own doesn’t solve the problem.

Learning In Your Business – Whats critical to get right are

  • having confidence in your colleagues to give them the power
  • being confident that the content is correct / approved
  • sharing allows us to identify best practice and worse practice
  • have an internal cost for everything, that way we can see the value of the delivery
  • Once you have great internal content, is there the opportunity to take this content and offer it to the customer . So for example if you supplied products to fish and chip restaurants could you take this information and make it available for training new staff

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