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Layflat Irrigation Hose

Produce prices from potatoes to carrots are dependent on uniformity and quality of the crop. Layflat irrigation hose that is used to get water to irrigation systems can help ensure that water is available for crops during dry spells.

As with all products there are a variety of hoses that feature

  • different bore diameters
  • varying types of hose material
  • differing pressure capabilities
Layflat Irrigation Hose

Layflat Irrigation Hose

There are primarily three types of field irrigation systems.

Filed sprinkler systems which are designed to water very large areas using low output sprinkler nozzles which are connected through layflat irrigation hose to a water supply . Whether that be from water extracted from a river, ditch or dyke by a pump) or from water bowsers. The sprinklers can either be laid flat when the field needs to be accessed by tractor or mounted on mobile booms . To save on costs a field may have a number of layflat irrigation hose points and the sprinkler sets moved for each set of pipework.

The control methods for field and crop irrigation systems can be either manual or powered controllers located out within the field.

In other applications lines of drip tape or pipe are laid on the surface of the field or for more intensive applications ploughed into the soil. One of the benefits of drip systems is that only minimal water is lost through evaporation (less of an issue with the UK climate)  and their low flow rates allow quite large areas to be watered from an available water supply.

Often the available water is brought along a header pipe that will run the entire length of the field. From this other pipes then distribute this water supply into crop irrigation zones. As you would expect the number of areas is dependent upon the field size and of course the available water supply.

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Layflat Irrigation Hose and Drip

There are two types of drip method

  • With Drip tapes each tape is thrown away (or better still recycled) once a crop has finished.
  • Drip pipes tend to have sophisticated drip nozzles which can be pressure-compensated, s and can be re-used. They are ideal for crops that need frequent watering, such as strawberries as they hold the unused water in the pipe for the next cycle

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